Afris Capital provides access to equity-based capital to both privately held and publicly traded companies with typical investments ranging from ZAR200 - 500 million. Our network is comprised of partners and affiliates located in the Development Finance Institutions, United States, Canada, and Europe who invest throughout the entire life cycle of the business development process - from early stage and growth capital to later stage investments.


We work to deliver maximum flexibility in supporting the equity requirements of our clients allowing us to meet the needs of companies at all points on the financing spectrum. In conjunction with our investment banking arm, Afris' private equity division provides management with direct access to capital so that they may expand into new or existing markets, consolidate industries, fuel internal growth, or make strategic acquisitions.


Afris Capital is also able to arrange a wide variety of debt instruments for its clients. This includes junior and subordinated debt, convertible debt, debt with guarantees and options, and traditional senior debt. We believe that in the current environment, depending on the company, that the shortest route to "accessing capital" is often through the debt markets.


We focus on the individual needs of our clients and develop capital structures that allow for maximum flexibility. Our experience includes the arrangement of straight debt, deferred interest notes, interest bearing notes convertible to equity, interest-only as the convertible component, cash-flow financing, and draw-down accounts. Afris Capital has deep experience in arranging debt for our clients and works to find the instrument that most precisely satisfies their needs.


A breakdown of Afris Capital’s capital raising services offering is given below:


Acquisition finance &
Corporate debt

All classes of debt to fund corporate activity especially Mergers & Acquisitions

Equity capital / IPOs / placements & rights issues / MBOs

We raise equity capital for companies (listed or unlisted) and are able to float private companies. We can also raise capital for management buy-outs.

Debt capital markets

Subordinated debt
Mezzanine debt

We raise subordinated or senior, fixed/floating or structured, plain vanilla debt in the capital markets for the acquisition, development or refinancing of all classes of assets. Our capital markets ability gives Afris Capital’s clients access to low cost alternatives to bank finance.

Debt/Equity hybrids
Convertible bonds


Securities that are not straight equity or debt, have the subordination and regulatory capital features of equity but carry a debt like coupon in the structure, whether or not in combination with an equity feature.

Global bonds / MTNs for governments & corporates

Straight, non-callable debt issued by governments, international and government agencies, corporates and non-government rated issuers.

Secured & structured finance

For an optimal financing outcome, we can arrange various forms of structured financing, including cross-border leasing, securitisation, asset backed securities and structuring of cash flows, assets and liabilities.


We can package loans and stocks to create debt securities for capital markets. This provides a low cost source of funding which allows for greater choice and can facilitate better capital management.

Project Finance

Project Finance involves raising debt for specific projects, where the lenders look to the project’s cash flows for repayment of the principle and interest. Recourse is wholly or largely limited to the project assets and not to the balance sheet of the project sponsor/s. This type of finance is used principally in connection with financing for infrastructure, property and natural resources projects.