Principal Investments

  • Afris Capital founding partners and staff have established an investment holding business in order to take up significant equity stakes across various sectors. Deals are selected based on industry attractiveness and on our ability to add value to the business and our partners.

    Afris Capital invests in both listed and unlisted investments with a bias towards the latter, taking significant minority stakes (26% to 40%). We take a long-term view on our investments and therefore we choose to partner with strong management teams and technical operators. Our approach includes some active participation in the business and adding value to the operations.

    Our focus is on businesses that are cash generative, have attractive growth prospects and the ability to generate positive returns over the medium to long term. Geographically, while our prime focus is South Africa and the SADC countries, we are excited about opportunities into sub-Saharan Africa.

    Sector focus includes

    • Mining and Resources
    • Power and Energy
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare